Star wars rebels fanfiction ezra colorblind

So I had this itty bitty plot bunny hit me yesterday when I rewatched "Path of the Jedi" yesterday, and I couldn't go to sleep without writing it. Heads up, this is pure crack y'all. The title is from "Colors" by Halsey. I don't own either the song or SWR. For one, Ezra never commented on Sabine's art.

Or her new hair colors, even though he had a not-so-hidden crush on his crewmate. He never said anything about Zeb's bright purple fur; he just complained that it got everywhere. He never seemed to take much notice of the different appearances of the trooper helmets he was always collecting, just on the serial codes signifying rank.

Even when Sabine asked him his favorite color towards the beginning of his stay on the Ghost, he just shrugged and moved on. Ezra never mentioned color much of all, period. Earlier that afternoon, Ezra had finally revealed his long awaited lightsaber to the rest of the crew, seemingly basking with pride from the oohs and aahs from the others.

Ezra smiled, a little confused, with a tiny furrow in between his eyebrows.

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Kanan noted all of this, filed it away for later use, and moved on, walking up and complimenting the kid on his own. Later that night, Kanan was holed up in his room, meditating over Ezra's trial from the Temple, and his growing prowess in the Force. The holocron floated peacefully in front of him, not opening, just gently hovering. There was a slight knock on the door, and before Kanan could tell the other person - Ezrahe sensed. Of course - to come in, his Padawan had already let himself in and settled himself down cross legged on the floor in front of him.

Kanan opened his eyes and raised an unamused eyebrow towards the teenager. Ezra rolled his eyes a little and huffed, not even bothering to dignify it with a response; they had this argument every time Ezra went to train, and now it was more just a game they played than anything. Kanan smirked lightly. Now, what is it you wanted to ask me? And he, hypothetically speaking, of course, just finished constructing his first lightsaber.

There's only one problem His eyes grew wide, and he smiled a little sheepishly, as if he hadn't wanted to be so abrupt. Kanan looked at him in confusion, before a small grin spread on his face. Who put you up to this, Zeb? And you didn't think to tell any of us this before?

I thought you were just a really big fan of the color orange.

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He shook his head, dismissing the thought. Ezra unhooked the lightsaber from his belt and rolled the smooth metal around in his hands, observing his handiwork. He bounced up and stretched. Thanks, Kanan. Kanan blinked again, and scrambled to his feet after him. He leaned out of his doorway and called after Ezra's retreating backside.

He disappeared around the corner, and Kanan leaned back in disbelief. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Star Wars Rebels. Kanan didn't know why it surprised him so much to find out that his own Padawan was colorblind.Guest: I know! I wonder what they have gotten up to over the years. Unless they're all dead This story is a prompt from DarthEzra, who actually gave me several prompts, which you'll be seeing up here at some point in the future.

Unless we all get smothered in toilet paper It all has to be used for something, right? Ezra grunted quietly. An explosion shook the vents, and Ezra's comm died. A moment later, it pinged again, this time with Sabine's voice.

Ezra scowled, mentally drawing a map in his mind. The assignment was to hit an Imperial Ore Refinery, and Kanan had partnered them up by twos. Hera and himself were at the Ghost in case a fast pickup was needed, while Zeb and Sabine were currently in the West Refinery planting explosives. Meanwhile, Ezra had been snuck in by Chopper, who was rather unhappy to be back in Sabine's black paint job, and was working his way to the Command Centre, hopefully to download any schematics for Fulcrum to decipher.

With all that in mind, Ezra lifted his comm. Ezra gritted his teeth. As valuable as that info may be, Kanan had made it explicitly clear that the op wasn't worth anyones life. Agent Kallus strode forward, eyes narrowing at the sight of his captive.

The Lasat growled at him. Then we'll see how smug you are about it! Kallus frowned minutely. Nodding, the Grand Inquisitor left the brig, and Kallus eyed the Lasat thoughtfully.

Christophsis was one of those worlds that had suffered under the Empire, even Kallus could see that. The Capital, Chaleydonia, now boasted one of the most advanced Imperial centres in the Outer Rim, with advanced databanks and experimental troopers.Another chapter!

I'm on a roll. This chapter is slightly different; it's made up of 51 one sentence drabbles all about Ezra's life from being a child to post Malachor. Some are funny, some are angsty. It was a fun activity, and I got to write about and combine a lot of y'all's ideas in one chapter. Watching Sabine's fireworks on that fateful Empire Day, Ezra noticed briefly that they looked like briefly lit stars, and he, not for the first time, wished he could see what they really looked like.

Ezra never told Kanan that he was the one who briefly stole his lightsaber, just to see what his old blue one would've looked like, but he was pretty sure Kanan already knew.

Sometimes, Ezra would just stare at Sabine's paintings with his glasses, and then take them off to see if he could decipher the shades of grey. It never worked.

Although Sabine tried to be patient whenever Ezra handed her the wrong color of paint, it still annoyed her to no end. One time, as a joke, Ezra drew Sabine a picture of a loth-cat; she didn't have the heart to tell him he'd colored it pink. The stickers all over the control panel of the Ghost became an inside joke between Kanan and Ezra for months to come.

Ezra keeps a stash of children's learning color videos hidden under his pillow; he thinks they're a secret One time, he accidentally left his sunglasses on Lothal, and he pitched a fit until Hera acquiesced and turned the Ghost around. When Agent Kallus found out Ezra was colorblind, he laughed so hard he started to wheeze; for some strange reason, it never ended up in Ezra's file.

Once, he asked Ahsoka if there were any other colorblind Jedi, and she looked at him like he was crazy. It turned out it was illegal for Ezra to get his pilot's license to fly due to the colorblindness, but that sure didn't stop Hera from teaching him. Sabine told him that colorblindness is inherited from the mother, and Ezra spent the whole afternoon wondering how his mother lived with it. The one time Hera sent Ezra off to the market to buy ripe bananas, he came back with green ones; Ezra is no longer on fruit duty.

Unfortunately, Ezra is always way too late in figuring out if he's getting sunburned or not, much to Zeb's delight when smacking him on the back later.

star wars rebels fanfiction ezra colorblind

Sabine used to think that Ezra hated her artwork, just because he never seemed to comment on them, and it was another one of the reasons why she was so standoffish towards him in the beginning. Kanan used to have to match up his socks everyday to make sure he wouldn't mismatch them; Ezra isn't in charge of laundry anymore, either. When stationed on the rebel base, Ezra is teased by the other pilots about wearing sunglasses at night.

The first time their master-apprentice bond was strong enough, Ezra sent Kanan an image of a colored sunset, and he cried.

star wars rebels fanfiction ezra colorblind

Ezra will always love the way Sabine's eyes light up when he asks her to describe her paintings to him. He tried to use the special colorblind correcting contacts once, but he was too squeamish to stick anything in his eye. Ezra personally believes that the one good thing the Empire's ever done is invent the technology in his glasses. The one good thing about being colorblind is that Ezra doesn't have to see how absolutely tacky Kanan's Life Day sweaters are.

Zeb laughed for days at Ezra's disgusted expression when he realized he ate the last moldy slice of bread. Apparently, one perk to colorblindness is being able to see though camouflage more easily; too bad Ezra would absolutely never need that skill in real life. Kanan used to say that darkside users' eyes were always yellow; after opening the Sith holocron for the first time, Ezra wondered if his own eyes had changed, and silently thanked the Force that Kanan would never be able to see it if they had.

Sometimes it was really hard to tell different loth-cats apart without being able to see their color. The first time Ezra whizzed through a red traffic light on a speeder was also the last time Kanan let him drive a speeder for a while.

star wars rebels fanfiction ezra colorblind

Kanan always said Yoda was green, and Ezra wondered if how Yoda would react if he asked him to describe his skin color for him.

Ezra's primary school teacher nearly pulled her hair out in frustration the fifth time he turned in a map colored with purple and brown instead of blue and green.Hanh Nguyen. After four satisfying seasons, numerous covert operations, flirtations with the Dark Side, tests of character, breathtaking planet-scapes, and exciting cameos, young Ezra Bridger Taylor Gray fulfilled his destiny as a Jedi and saved his planet of Lothal.

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In the process, he was whisked away by the Purrgil, those giant purple space whales that also have the ability to fly through hyperspace. Popular on IndieWire. He has a series of defeats after losing the Death Star. His entire plan of fear is based on having a Death Star.

star wars rebels fanfiction ezra colorblind

So his fear of Luke skywalker drives his attention away from Lothal so those people ended up benefiting the end. It was all kind of a matter of timing. But I wanted to get through part of the story that you understood that happy ending.

Much more also went down in the hour-and-a-half series finale, and at an advance screening last week, series co-creator Dave Filoni and key cast members — Taylor Gray Ezra BridgerTiya Sircar Sabine WrenSteven Blum Zeband Vanessa Marshall Hera Syndulla addressed some of the revelations and answered fan questions to the best of their ability.

In the finale, Ezra is tested when a disguised Palpatine Ian Diarmid tempts him with a happier alternate life, one in which his parents are still alive and waiting to welcome him. Knowing that his fellow rebels need him, Ezra turns his back on the tantalizing image, thus causing Palpatine to reveal his true face.

You can figure out technically how he does that with old holograms or whatever. He also knew that in working with the Purrgil, he would have to stay with them when they left, and that left his friends unsure about his ultimate fate.

Now he understands he must do something similar. You never know. When the finale makes a time jump, however, Hera has a toddler, who is clearly the result of a deep and loving relationship with the former Jedi.

Now we have evidence, and I had no idea [how serious]. Yeah, the baby shower will be next week. And I always thought that Rex would have this beard. Although Kallus eventually realized the error of his ways and began to help the rebels, that had always hung over him. In the finale, Zeb reveals to Kallus that many of the Lasat had not been killed and introduced him to his people. I can be likable but a jerk. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!

Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Back to IndieWire. Plus, the voice of Chopper revealed! Hanh Nguyen Mar 5, pm. View Gallery 20 Photos.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes.

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Cancel Apply Boredom 2 0 by Skyla Talon reviews Rewrite! When a mysterious girl somehow transports Ezra to the time of the clone wars, chaos ensures. The real question is Follow along as our favorite Jedi end up going over their heads, and a certain sith lord plots how to use Ezra against them.

Rating cause I'm Paranoid. The title won't let me put a dot between the two numbers Now adopting the child and his wolf pup, the family must be ready as adventure is around the corner! The Rebellion by Fortybuckle reviews After the terrible loss at the Battle of Atollon, the rebellions subsequent defeats left them stuck in Wild Space on an abandoned base. Ezra and Sabine are sent on a few missions on Corellia. Through war and death, They admit their love to each other, now they must keep themselves and someone interesting safe and escape.

How will it end? The Wrong side to take by Cristina Sunsetlily reviews Anakin and Ahsoka get time-travelled to a sith temple in Malachor to assist in the duel between Fulcrum and Vader, but what if they unknowingly chose to fight on Vader's side. The regret i will always feel or will i by Ahsokalives reviews Ahsoka has always felt guilt over the death of the Jedi, always believing she should have died along side them, or that she could have prevented it all together, she might just get her wish, when she, Ezra, Kanan and my oc, Roe Milaz, are thrown back in time to when the council is discussing whether or not to expel Ahsoka.

Alone and confused Ezra has to understand his purpose of being in the past before it's to late.

However it's not so easy when trouble seems to follow Ezra wherever he goes. Furthermore keeping his identity a secret gets increasingly difficult with suspicious Jedi and Sith in the city. Paradox of Time and Wormholes by the star wars assasin reviews This is where the season two version of the Ghost crew with my OC character Ollie, travel into a parallel Universe.

No swear words except for Red Dwarf swear wordsRated k for family and a bit of kissing. Hope you enjoy. He will meet new and old enemies to face but he will not be alone, with him there will be the Squadron Ghost and a new apprentice.

The rebellion begins now. This is a what if Darth Sidious didn't kill Plaguies Anyway this is the sequel to the story Unexpected Rebellion.

English is not my first language Depa Billaba expresses concern about the effect this war is having on her padawan. Where the Sun Sails and the Moon Walks by Masterfanfic reviews A meeting has been written in the Force, to bring a mother and her fallen child together.

Time is cruel and their fated meeting is a battle to the death. Set between A Lightsaber's Cry and Past. Chuchi, Ahsoka T.

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Search Archive Catergories :. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update Account. The rebels have found a new base, but things are not as peaceful as they seem. Visions of the past haunt them in their exile and force Ezra to make some hard decisions. Ghost in Need By : msparx Published : March 24, With Kanan spending so much time training Ezra, Hera's frustration reaches a boiling point.Story Author Community Forum.

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